Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Poverty In the Philippines

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 One question I will sometimes ask is: The Philippines is
slowly becoming a richer country but is still very poor. Why do you
think that is? I have learned to as the first phrase to avoid any chance
of making the person feel hiya or their  "Amor Propio"  has been
compromised (more on this later). Without doubt the most common answer
(in fact almost the only answer) I

Poverty Philippines
received was – corruption. I think that may contribute, but I think it's
far from the most important reason. I spent a good bit of time talking
to people and have come up with what I consider to be the five most
important contributing factors.
1. Family size is too large.
One of the most common ways of amassing wealth is to slowly build it up
generation after generation. But with inheritances split between many
member of the family it tends to dilute wealth until it no longer
exists. Normally wealth builds on wealth with the children having been
given a lift (education) they do better and can better provide for their
children. And while Filipino families will bend over backwards to try
and help educate their children you can't get blood from a stone. Only
one Filipino came up with this idea before I mentioned it.

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