Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Online Dating Dangers 101

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Danger Danger to Dating On Line

Another Great Article written and posted at on Living In Cebu Forums. 
Experience with these web sites compel me to issue some warnings. Be careful, please!

Dating dangers Online
First of all, there are a lot of girls there who lie about their age.
This can be dangerous because you may get set up with someone who is not
yet 18 but they claim to be 22-23.
It's a good thing I asked some if they could show me an ID when I
invited them on a date and then they confessed that they had faked their
age. Always insist on an ID and meet them in a public place. If they
refuse to bring/ show you an ID, don't go on the date. I had to report
several members who confessed they were underage. These were taken down.
But how many more are there signing up every day!

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