Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Easy Living in The Philippines

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Take it easy in the Philippines

Philippine support network
Volunteer Network
Not sure why, but living in the Philippines has not been overly difficult for me. After a couple years

of adjusting, things have gone pretty smoothly. We all come here for
different reasons, but here are some things that's made it easy for me.

1. Family Network:
 I've tried to integrate into the society. My social network is pinoy.
I'm not an outgoing person so my personal network is just my family, but
my partner has expanded it to include other parents of the classmates
of our kids. They know me, I interact with them. It has been a useful
support network for our family. The network advises us on rentals, real
estate, schooling, medical care, shopping, etc. We do help selected
members of our network, but it's a give and take relationship and
everyone honors their obligations. In the network. No one treats me like
an outsider.

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