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Change The Philippines

How to change the Philippines

(Its Not Like The Netherlands)
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How to change the Philippines

In a typical western country, when there’s a problem, you assemble the people and make changes in the policy. Then you can make a lasting change in society.
In the Philippines, that’s not necessarily the case. 90% of the problem is the people themselves, and only 10% the policies. I’m not even exaggerating. 10% is a generous estimate if you take into account the fact that the policies themselves are made by the people. Since the policies did not make themselves, if I’m being uncompromising I would say 100% of the problem is the people.
Filipinos and western people are different on the level of the ‘person’ who thinks, feels and takes action as dictated by his habitual preferences and intellectual inclinations and limitations. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand. They think ethnic differences aren’t a factor. They are, and they’re a huge factor.
Remember, filogic and filethic are formidable enemies you cannot underestimate. They are embedded deep within the brains of the vast majority of Filipinos and are so strongly entrenched in Philippine society that they’re a major source of headache for people from western countries who have stayed in the Philippines for an extended period of time. Without such flaws in the Filipino’s nature, I don’t think the Philippines would have become a problematic nation in the first place.
Filogic and filethic don’t exist among western people. They exist among Filipinos. Expats from western countries see these two as the main problem, and they are (though Filipinos themselves are clueless about it). Therefore, ethnic differences are a factor. You cannot take for granted the fact that the western man is different from the Filipino.
If you don’t consider it a factor, you’re going to compare apples to oranges like a man did when I talked to him on another website recently. Here’s what he said:
“We – the Dutch – have been there, where the Filipinos are today. But thank God, that was 50, 60 years ago…Although I myself am impatient by nature and I do know that most changes have to go step-by-step, its very clear that the Philippines can leap (instead of making little tiny steps) forward.”
Here was my reply:

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