Saturday, January 9, 2016

Philippines by way of Texas : Online Reputation Repair

Philippines by way of Texas : Online Reputation Repair:

67% of people do a Vanity search.

As I have said before I have have a cyberstalker.  Never met this man nor have I have publicly or online said a word about him.  Yet there he is.  A jealous bitter older man in France that has nothing better to do then write things that are untrue.  So if you are a victim of this here are a few pointers to help you through getting back what these people try and steal from you.

1)  Create a blog and blog daily.  It does not have to be much but content is important.  When you get a blog find the keywords that are used by the stalker.  Use those words in your blog.  Additionally you want to set up your blog correctly.  Google analytic  Webmaster tools, Site Map, and share on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google+.  These help promote your site.  If you look to the left you will see all the social media I created just to offset any of the Google terms.

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